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PlantResearch is a contract research company specialised in the Research & Development of horticultural products for the professional and homegrowing market. Our R&D encompasses product formulations, crop trials for safety and efficacy testing, product and plant analysis, and registration of the product. With our laboratory equipped with extensive formulation and analysis capabilities, our highly flexible greenhouse, our high-tech indoor cultivation facilities, and our scientific exemption for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, PlantResearch has everything at its disposal to assist you with various cultivation and product development inquiries.

Fertilizer and biostimulant formulations, lighting, or substrates; all sorts of horticultural products and inputs can be tested by us under various conditions. This includes efficacy trials or crop safety tests, as well as research into the content and composition of products.

Regardless of whether a concept is still no more than just a idea or already a fully developed product needing only additional crop tests: we can assist at every stage in the product development process.

The Regulatory Affairs Department of PlantResearch can draft label texts and SDS (Safety Data Sheets) that comply with the legal requirements of the respective country, and assist with (organic) certification procedures.

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