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PlantResearch is a contract research company specialised in the Research & Development of horticultural products for the professional and homegrowing market. Our R&D encompasses product formulations, crop trials for safety and efficacy testing, product and plant analysis, and registration of the product. With our laboratory equipped with extensive formulation and analysis capabilities, our highly flexible greenhouse, our high-tech indoor cultivation facilities, and our scientific exemption for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, PlantResearch has everything at its disposal to assist you with various cultivation and product development inquiries.

Product research

As PlantResearch we provide various types of product research. Among others, substrates, fertiliser formulations, and biostimulants can be tested under various conditions in our cultivation rooms. This applies to general aspects of a product, such as effectiveness, crop safety and shelf life, as well as customized research. In the latter case, this can include insurance-related research, product screenings, prototype testing, rooting experiments, as well as research into the contents and nutrient levels of a product. We can conduct testing of plant biostimulants in accordance with applicable standards. Naturally, we will always consider the client's specific desires and requirements.

PlantResearch guarantees high-quality research and development. Our years of experience in plant product research, highly educated researchers and close collaboration with clients allow us to efficiently and purposefully design research trials. As a result, the outcomes lead to sound conclusions providing our clients with valuable and reliable information.

Product development

From start to finish, from concept to product ready for sale, PlantResearch is your partner in every phase. Whether it is testing initial prototypes or evaluating a (nearly) market-ready product, we can contribute at every development phase! Our laboratory has extensive experience in formulating potting mixes, coco coir substrates, liquid (organic and mineral) plant nutrition, and plant biostimulants. Through solid testing, we assess stability and shelf life. Lastly, our greenhouse facilities provide the opportunity to test application possibilities. To achieve this, PlantResearch conducts specific efficacy and crop safety trials. These trials range from small-scale product screenings on several plants to large-scale statistically supported experiments in entire compartments.

The products can be general or aimed at specific applications, such as liquid orchid fertilizer for consumers or a product that enhances a tomato plant’s resilience during transplantation. In addition to regular ornamental and vegetable crops, we also possess considerable expertise in products for medicinal cannabis.

Product registration

The registration department supports the process of obtaining government approvals for fertilisers, biostimulants, and substrates on behalf of customers.

For this purpose, product labels and safety data sheets are prepared and reviewed. The legal accuracy of texts on the internet, brochures, and promotional materials is also verified, and our clients are advised on any necessary adjustments to comply with legal requirements.

In addition to registrations, the department also handles import permits, as well as other import and export documents. For organic fertilisers and substrates, the registration department ensures that the appropriate phytosanitary certificates are requested and handles the application and renewal of certification for use in organic agriculture. Additionally, the department is present during audits by certifying bodies at the production locations.

Furthermore, the department responds to inquiries from regulatory authorities and foreign representatives.